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**COVID-19 update: While physical book exhibits are temporarily suspended, we are continuing to market & sell publisher books via virtual exhibits, order form sharing, online sales, and social media posts. 
For more information please contact us at information@scholarschoice.com**

Bringing Books to Readers Worldwide Through Exhibits at Academic Conferences

For Book Publishers

The Scholar's Choice exhibits and sells books for publishers at more than 120 scholarly events each year. We'd love to represent your publishing company.
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For Event Organizers

We work with more than 200 publishing companies to present conference attendees with an extensive display of new books relevant to their field of study.
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For Authors

To have your book considered for inclusion in a Scholar’s Choice exhibit, send a request to your press or publisher at least 60 days in advance of the event date.
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For Book Buyers

The Scholar’s Choice offers new books for sale to conference attendeesindividual buyers, and library buyers. We focus on new titles in the Humanities.
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