Buy Books – Conference Attendees

If you attended a conference and wish to place an order for books displayed there, please call (800) 782-0077, return the order form by mail,   or email The books we display at conferences are being shown on behalf of the publishers. Thus, we will forward the order you place with us to individual publishers for fulfillment and shipment.

If you misplaced your conference order form, a duplicate copy is available to download from the link under the conference listing within the Exhibit Schedule tab at the top of this page.

We also will follow-up and troubleshoot any customer service issues. Call customer service at (800) 782-0077, or email to resolve any issues.

Shop Online For Used and Discounted Books

If you are looking for used or discounted copies of scholarly books, we encourage you to visit our on-line listings of gently used copies at

You might also wish to try our sister company, The Compleat Scholar, which can be found at and